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ICP+P Community Gathering ~ November 19, 2023

We are looking forward to coming together as community, in large group and in small groups, to clarify our hopes, values and identities as an institute that is dedicated to growth. We will have the opportunity to address past and current injuries, with the help of facilitators, so that we may learn, heal and be stronger going forward.

From Reactivity to Empowerment in Couple Therapy: An Integrative Relational-Neurobiological Approach ~ Mar 26, 2023

This conference explores ways to identify and diagram the couple’s dance using the Vulnerability Cycle Diagram first described by Mona Fishbane and Michele Scheinkman in 2004. Dr. Fishbane’s approach enhances partners’ relational empowerment, including self-regulation, choice, living according to one’s higher goals and values, and reaching for one’s “best self.” Dr. Constance Cannon will be presenting a middle-aged, heterosexual couple. She and Dr. Fishbane will discuss how the concepts presented can be applied to the clinical case material.

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