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Caregiver Burden

Caregiving can be both rewarding and challenging. When caregiving takes over your life, it can leave you feeling isolated and lonely – even though you are the […]

What is Diversity?

We tend to think about diversity in terms of race and gender, which is accurate, but diversity is a term that refers to a broader perspective of […]

Short Course: A Taste of Group ~ September 22, 2024

Offering 2.5 CEs ~ After a 20-minute didactic introduction about process and therapy groups and an intersubjective approach to group, the instructor will lead participants in a 1 1/2-hour process group, a group therapy training experience in which members share thoughts and feelings that emerge in the here and now during the time allotted.

ICP+P Office Hours

We are initiating monthly office hours for ICP&P members to meet with a few members of the Board. The purpose is wide open. We want to get […]

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