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Short Course: To Group or Not to Group ~ September 20, 2019

On February 8, 2019, ICP+P presented the short course, To Group or Not to Group: Assessment and Preparation of Potential Group Members. In the fall of 2019, the same team will present a follow up short course. Save the date for the next installment! And, yes, you can attend the course in September even if you were not able to make the presentation in February!

Short Course: To Group or Not to Group: Assessment and Preparation of Potential Group Members ~ February 8, 2019

Group therapy can be integrated with, or follow, individual treatment to expand and broaden the client’s therapeutic experience beyond the traditional dyad. This workshop is an exciting opportunity for clinicians who may or may not run groups themselves: to learn specific ways in which participating in group may be beneficial; to explore having a dialogue with clients about group; and to connect clients with a group experience, if appropriate.

Attackments: Subjugation, Shame, and the Attachment to Painful Affects & Objects ~ January 26, 2019

Sometimes a patient vacillates between angry attacks on the therapeutic relationship and tenacious attachment to it. As a participant in the relationship, the therapist will inevitably also experience difficult feelings. The clinical atmosphere can be so poisoned by such extremes of push and pull between the participants that it can cause emotional exhaustion, shame and fear of humiliation, intolerable loss, intense dislike, disgust, and contempt.

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