Please welcome Diane Reis, PsyD, a new member to ICP+P.
Diane is a Clinical Psychologist, who works with individuals and couples. She practices in 2 locations, in Northwest DC and on Capitol Hill and she talked in our interview about her love for the work she does as she finds it very rewarding.

Diane has been in private practice since 2007. She did her training and externship at Georgetown University’s Counseling Center and at the Women’s Center in Northern Virginia before returning to Georgetown’s University’s Law School campus. Diane was the only clinician on site for the law students and, with these experiences she believes she works well with lawyers and women’s issues. Diane also likes working with couples and believes that through working with the couple, she can add benefit to and improve the functioning of an entire family.

Diane came to the field of clinical psychology in a “circuitous” manner. She is originally from New York, attended Tufts University as a history major, and returned to NY to work as a Special Assistant for the New York State’s Human Rights Commissioner. She subsequently received her Master’s Degree in Journalism at Northwestern University and came to Washington DC with in interest in public policy and politics. Diane worked on Capitol Hill for elected officials before having children.

In the next phase of Diane’s life, while raising her young children, she returned to school at George Washington University for her Doctorate in Psychology. She felt like she “was in the right place” professionally as “a psychodynamic approach spoke to her”, and personally as she has always appreciated being in DC, watching it change, and raising her children here.

Diane is excited to be a part of ICP+P and is really looking forward to being involved with our community. She is already a part of a study group and is wanting to attend some of the upcoming conferences. In her free time, Diane likes to travel, read and watch movies.

Please introduce yourself to Diane if you see her at any of the upcoming ICP+P events.