The Wake Kendall Group announced two new groups for this fall. The first is “Mindful Parenting: A 12-week group for parents of high school teens and young adults”-Using DBT skills of mindfulness, emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness, and “Teen EASE: Emotion and Social Effectiveness Skills for high school teens,” a group for those teens who are not currently suicidal or self-harming. This group will include DBT skills, highlighting mindfulness and stress reduction. This group is a great adjunct to individual therapy. Both groups will begin on Wednesday, September 21st and will run for 12 weeks, at which time participants can continue in a second group if they’d like. The Teen EASE will be from 4-5:15pm on Wednesday afternoons and the Parenting Group will run from 6:30-8pm on Wednesdays as well. For further information, please call Lenni Snyder at 202-686-7699 x66.