Volunteer for the Board:
Nominate Yourself or a Trusted Colleague!

A hallmark of ICP+P is our sense of community. Being on the Board gives you the opportunity to give back, learn from our community, and be involved in anti-racism training and discussions, program evaluation, decision making, organizational issues, and much more. It is also an opportunity to work with colleagues you may know, and to meet and work together with those who are new to you.

To begin the process, you may nominate yourself or you may nominate another ICP+P member. If you nominate another member, we will contact them to see if they are interested. The current positions that are open are listed below along with their descriptions. Please, choose the position that you want to nominate yourself or a colleague for, and write it at the indicated space below. Also, please, write your name and contact information.

  • The Associate Director of Member Relations provides coordination for enrolling, orienting, and mentoring new members, as well as facilitation of individual newsletter interviews to introduce new members to the membership. The Associate Director of Member Relations will execute the decision to reduce membership fees as needed, and populate a Nominations and Elections Committee that will coordinate the nomination and election of candidates.
  • The Associate Director of Administration attends to the level of resources - financial and human - needed for projects and responsibilities assumed by the Board, and provides leadership around resources availability. Thus, the Associate Director of Administration participates in analysis of ICP+P operations and is the liaison with the Treasurer and with the ICP+P Administrator, overseeing their operations. The Associate Director of Administration has responsibility for office systems and facility management.
  • The Associate Director of Training will coordinate all Institute training programs by promoting effective and efficient communication among the training programs, and by coordinating training activities, policies, procedures, and concerns among the program Chairs and Co-chairs. The Associate Director of Training provides coordination for the following areas: the Psychotherapy (CAPP) Program, the Psychoanalytic Program, the Couple Program, and the Fellowship Program. The Associate Director of Training also provides coordination for the Reduced Fee Referral Service, Faculty Training, and Graduation. The Chair of Psychotherapy Training (CAPP), the Chair of Psychoanalytic Training, and the Chair of Couple Training will supervise and review the operation of his/her specific training program. The Training Program Chairs and Co-chairs may also attend Board meetings to facilitate more direct input and communication. However, only the Associate Director of Training will be a voting Board member. Training program changes in intent, duration of training, selection process and other substantive issues should be discussed with the Associate Director of Training, who, at his/her discretion, will determine whether they should be brought before the Board.
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