Featuring Marvin Evans, LCPC, CGP

Sunday, September 18, 2022
3:00 pm-5:00 pm (US Eastern/New York Time)
Virtual Zoom Event

No CEs will be offered


As part of our diversity and outreach work, ICP+P is pleased to offer a series of four round tables, the first of which will be held virtually on September 18th.  We hope that these topical events will promote discussion and engagement about racism and other forms of exclusion in the mental health field. The intent of a round table is to generate exploration and intimate discussion of a particular topic, in an egalitarian forum. As we prepare for the next phase of our consultative work with Vision 4 Equity, we think that the round tables will create an avenue for on-going discussion and learning that will enrich our organization.  

It is estimated that 50% of our nation will be diagnosed with a mental illness within their lifespan. Statistics tell us that 25% of Black Americans will seek mental health care compared to 40% of White Americans. Though there are many factors accounting for this discrepancy, this talk will center on what the presenter believes to be the greater variable impacting the Black American decision to access and retain mental health services: the therapeutic alliance.
This relationship is particularly important when non-Black clinicians engage Black American clientele.
As an African-American Black male therapist, the presenter will share his thoughts and experiences through this lens.. His perspective is that of someone trained in Eurocentric models of psychotherapy, while negotiating models of efficacy drawn from theory as well as cultural ethos. He endeavors to impart information and insight to non-Black clinicians who recognize an ethical mandate to approach all clients from a perspective that is both relevant and responsive.

This roundtable is appropriate for clinicians at all levels of experience. No CEs will be offered.

PLEASE NOTE: Recording in any form of this live streaming event is NOT permitted.

About our presenter:

Marvin Evans is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Certified Group Psychotherapist who has been working in the field of counseling for over 20 years. Mr. Evans is an eclectic therapist with a strong attachment to Reality Therapy. He specializes in working with marginalized populations on issues of trauma, identity, sexuality, and the existential angst implicit in trying to make sense of this thing we call life. Mr. Evans serves as Treasurer for the Great Lakes Group Psychotherapy Society, and he has been heavily involved with the DEI efforts for the American Group Psychotherapy Association, where he holds a Board position. He maintains a private practice in Chicago, Illinois seeing adults individually and in group psychotherapy, and providing consultation to clinicians interested in exploring racism and racialized dynamics in their clinical work.


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