ICP+P has agreed to provide Continuing Education Credits for the upcoming International Association of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology (IAPSP) Conference this fall. As part of our agreement with IAPSP, we have negotiated the following benefit for ICP+P members who are not IAPSP members: The first ten ICP+P members who register for the conference will receive the IAPSP member rate (a savings of $120). To signal your intent to register at this rate, send an email to the ICP+P Administrator, Nancy Der, at administrator@icpeast.org. She will forward your name to the Administrator for IAPSP, and it will be entered into their database so you can register as though you are an IAPSP member.

There are many benefits of attending the IAPSP conference in Boston (October 20 – 23, 2016). This year’s conference will have a clinical focus and will provide three days of stimulating panels and paper sessions. The quality of the educational experience at the conferences is exemplified by the outstanding presentations ICP+P offered this year involving Dick Geist, Shelley Doctors, and Jackie Gotthold. At the annual conference, there is the opportunity to participate in many more outstanding, thoughtful presentations and discussions.

Another benefit involves meeting and speaking with colleagues from all around the world. Attending this international conference provides many opportunities to develop personal and professional relationships that grow over the years.

Finally, the conference provides a wonderful opportunity for connecting with all the ICP+P members in attendance. We discuss ideas and share our reactions in a rewarding and interesting way. And, we play together. The three of us always find attending the conferences deeply rewarding and a great deal of fun. We hope you will join us this fall in Boston!

Rosemary Segalla, Elizabeth Carr, Janna Sandmeyer