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The next several Director’s Columns will feature the Associate Directors.

On Being Associate Director for Education
Leslie Kent, LCSW-C
Leslie Kent

Leslie Kent

Have you attended an ICP+P short course recently? Participated in an ICP+P study group? Checked out a book on intersubjectivity or maybe a self-psychology journal from our ICP+P library? Earned some continuing education credits at an ICP+P event? Then you’ve benefitted from some of the activities organized under the Education “silo” of the newly re-structured ICP+P.

As you’ve read in previous newsletters, we are mid-way through a two-year trial period of a reorganized administrative structure for ICP+P, designed to allow for more opportunities for participation and leadership in the group. We now have, in addition to our Director, five Associate Directors who are responsible for Membership, Training, Education, Programs and Administration. I am fortunate to have been asked to serve as Associate Director for Education.

I’d been a member only for a few years, then became more involved as a member-in-training in our wonderful Couples Therapy Training Program two years ago. Then, I became a Board representative and was asked to fill the new Associate Director for Education position. As an introvert, I wasn’t at all sure I wanted this job, but it has turned out to be a fun and enriching experience, both personally and professionally, and I’m glad I agreed to serve. Basically, I get to work and hang around with all the lovely and fun people who serve on the Board and Executive Committee, and support the wonderful members who help keep the trains running behind the scenes (committee heads for short courses, the library, study groups and continuing education accreditation). It’s been a great way to get to know some terrific people, to have a hand in the direction of the organization and to get more involved in ICP+P.

Please feel free to contact me at if you’re interested in learning more about my role or about any of the functions of ICP+P that I support as Associate Director of Education.

Leslie Kent


Note from the Editor – Jonathan Lebolt, PhD, DCSW, CGP

Jonathan Lebolt, PhD, LCSW, CGP

Jonathan Lebolt, PhD, DCSW, CGP

Dear ICP+P Members and Friends,

This month’s issue of Connections features a report from Leslie Kent, LCSW-C, our Associate Director for Education; the results of the ICP+P Board Elections; and a review of the International Journal of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology. And if you’ve been unsure about whether to join ICP+P, now is the time-see below for the dates of many wonderful educational activities for the 2015-16 year! But let the buyer beware-ICP+P activities can be addictive!

Even at ICP+P, things slow down in the summer, so we will be publishing a combined July-August issue in early July. If you want readers to see your article or announcement before September, make sure to get it to me or Nancy by June 23. And be sure to enjoy your summer!



Note from the Associate Director for Member Relations

Martha Blechar Gibbons, PhD, APRN, BC


Martha Blechar Gibbons, PhD, APRN, BC

Martha Blechar Gibbons, PhD, APRN, BC

Dear ICP+P Members and Friends,

As Membership Coordinator and Associate Director for Member Relations I am writing to welcome you to the new fiscal year, which will begin on July 1st. At that time, membership fees will be due.

What are the benefits of membership with ICP+P?

  • Monthly study groups, free of charge, facilitated by ICP+P members. Some groups are designed for in-depth exploration of selected topics, others choose several topics, and some offer CE credits.
  • Two free half-day programs throughout the year featuring internationally renowned clinicians and researchers. Reduced registration fees are offered for those ICP+P programs and events where member fees are necessary. CE credits are provided to participants in these educational programs.
  • Free use of the ICP+P library with books, journals and tapes, and a subscription to ICP+P’s monthly newsletter.
  • Free admission to ICP+P’s social events, such as the Graduation Ceremony, Annual Pot Luck Supper and Town Hall Meeting
  • Participation in the leadership of ICP+P through committee assignments, election to the Board, and other opportunities created by the institute.
  • I will contact each new member and if desired invite you to be introduced to the ICP+P community through an interview which will appear in the newsletter column “New Member Introduction.” Here is an example of a past interview:

This is an exciting time in the development of our Institute. We have implemented a new organizational structure, we are planning for a series of programs focusing on integrating trauma treatment into psychotherapy, and our study groups are thriving with the potential of additional groups being formed.

I look forward to sharing the new fiscal year with you.

Martha Blechar Gibbons, PhD, APRN, BC


New Membership Year Begins on July 1st

Renewals and New Memberships Are Being Accepted

ICP+P’s new fiscal year will begin on July 1st. Membership fees will be due on the same date.

Existing members will be receiving an invoice along with a copy of your directory listing in the mail in early June. Dues payments must be received by August 1st for your information to be included in
the next directory.

Anyone who is not currently a member, but wants to join the organization, can use this link to the website to learn about the benefits of membership and to obtain the membership application form.

Existing or new members can pay the annual fee online via this link:


Did you know that ICP+P has a Listserv?

ICP+P maintains a member listserv which is intended as a place for members to post information (like conferences sponsored by other organizations that would be of interest to ICP+P members) or to ask for information regarding professional issues or resources.

As new members join the organization or at any time after that upon request, the ICP+P Administrator will initiate an invitation to join the listserv from Yahoo.

If you are interested in joining the Yahoo Listserv, please contact Nancy Der for an invitation.

ICP+P Elects Board Members For 2015-2017 Term

Elections Committee

We want to thank all of you in the ICP+P community for participating in the recent election of members to the ICP+P Board of Directors. Membership participation is the life force of this organization.

We also want to thank retiring Board members for their dedicated and inspired
Mary Jean Kane, MSW – SECRETARY

Finally, CONGRATULATIONS to the new and returning Board members, elected for the 2015-2017 term:

In her four years as Coordinator, Martha has been an innovator, an advocate and mentor for membership, and a collaborative Board member. One of her most valuable achievements has been her attuned dedication to the welcoming and retention of new ICP+P members. Additionally, Martha created and produced the 20th Anniversary celebration honoring ICP+P’s Founders. She also serves on the Executive Committee in the newly created position of Associate Director of Member Relations.

Eleanor returns to begin her fifth year on the Board, having served two years as a volunteer in the capacity of CE Chair, and two years as Board Representative prior to her re-election. In addition, Eleanor is serving a second year in the newly created position of Associate Director of Administration. Her leadership skills are pivotal in facilitating the growth and development of ICP+P. Yet, it is also her ability to inspire and encourage her colleagues while injecting joviality into the process, that makes her a vital member of the organization.

Etta’s enthusiasm for her work is infectious, and she radiates positive energy in all her endeavors. As the newly elected Coordinator for Study Groups, Etta brings not only zeal, but also extensive experience developing, coordinating and leading groups in previous positions that she has held as a social worker, as well as longstanding participation in peer supervision groups. Etta looks forward to joining the Board, serving in a liaison capacity with the membership, to coordinate established groups and facilitate the creation of newly formed study groups.

SECRETARY – Michelle Levine, PhD Student
Michelle has recently joined ICP+P. She is currently pursuing a qualitative dissertation at UMass Boston, on the development of trust over time in longer-lasting, formally-matched, youth mentoring relationships. Michelle participates in an ICP+P study group on couples. She will soon begin an internship at UMBC’sCounseling Center. Michelle looks forward to bringing her close listening skills and transcribing experience to the Board, as well as her special interest in multicultural approaches to clinical work.

CO-TREASURERS – Flora Ingenhousz, LCSW and Melinda Salzman, MSW

Flora  has been a member of ICP+P since 2007. She delights in learning contemporary psychoanalytic thinking after decades of doing more experientially oriented therapy. She does individual and couples therapy with adults and seniors. One of her specialties is treating people who are facing chronic or life threatening illness, with a special interest in stroke survivors and caregivers. She finds being a hospice volunteer, and teaching interviewing techniques to GWU medical students very rewarding as well. When Flora is not in the office, she can often be found in her garden, on a yoga mat or the tennis court with her Co-Treasurer Melinda. She travels frequently to Europe, where she has lots of family and friends, and also to exotic countries like Bhutan and Burma. She has spent more than half her life in the U.S., but still feels very connected to her Dutch roots. Flora looks forward to her continued partnership with her Co-Treasurer Melinda, and hopes her past experience as Treasurer for GWSCSW and for the Mid-Atlantic Association for Imago Therapy, will strengthen her contribution to ICP+P’s Board.

Opportunities to continue learning drew Melinda to ICP+P. She currently belongs to two ICP+P study groups; one on Couples Therapy, and the other on Intersubjectivity. She is also an active member of GWSCSW, and in the past served for many years as their Membership Chair. Melinda specializes in couples relationships, grief and loss, and end of life and caregiving issues. With her Co-Treasurer Flora, Melinda has led support groups for Stroke Survivors and Stroke caregivers. Together, they each teach colleagues about this critical work. In addition, Melinda serves a a Clinical Instructor at the GWU Medical School, teaching interviewing skills to first- through- third year medical students, as does Flora. Outside the office, Melinda loves to sing. With her husband, she sings in her synagogue choir, and they occasionally join the Festival Choir of a local church as well. Melinda is an avid tennis player, and on Monday mornings Melinda and Flora can often be found on the court practicing drills. The complementary partnership between Melinda and Flora will enrich their roles as Co-Treasurers. Melinda believes her tendency to be a “stickler “who “needs to reconcile everything down to the penny,” will prove useful in her position as Co-Treasurer. Melinda has valued her previous committee experiences. She is looking forward to her work on the ICP+P Board.

Lynne Greenwald, Chair
Martha Gibbons
Dawn Taylor
Caron Trout
Leslie Westbrook


Review of the International Journal of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology (IJPSP), 10 (2), April – June, 2015

Jonathan Lebolt, PhD, DCSW, CGP

Jonathan Lebolt, PhD, LCSW, CGP

Jonathan Lebolt, PhD, LCSW, CGP

This issue of IJPSP is a celebration of the 90th birthday of Paul Ornstein, MD. It opens with “Conversations with Paul,” by Dick Geist, EdD, based on two years of weekly meetings between these two analysts. (Dick is the keynote speaker for the ICP+P Annual Conference next April.) There are many theoretical and clinical jewels in these excerpts; a few quotations follow.

Paul on empathy:

  • “A lot of therapists are empathic, but they use it to mean they are compassionate rather than discerning it as a means for entering the patients subjective world” (p. 95).
  • “When a patient asked for something, I heard it as the patient being demanding, and I was taught that if you satisfy a patient’s wish you cannot analyze it. Kohut said … , if the patient asks where you’re going on vacation, he answers because it is the polite thing to do. And he learned that after answering, it is easier to analyze because the patient will not feel rejected” (p. 96).

Click Here to Read More…


The Psychoanalytic Training Program is Recruiting for a Fall Class

The Psychoanalytic Training Program is recruiting for a class to begin in September 2015. If you are interested in learning more about the training program, please contact Chair of Admissions, Elizabeth Carr, APRN, MSN, BC,, or Chair of the Psychoanalytic Training Program, Sandra Hershberg, MD, Both would be delighted to speak with you and answer your questions. Applications are being requested by June 15th.

An additional program offered by the ICP+P Psychoanalytic Training Program is the monthly Fellowship Program in Contemporary Forms of Psychoanalysis. The program introduces participants to the ways psychoanalysis has evolved and to its relevance for clinical practice in the 21st century. A new year will begin in September 2015. For additional information see the next article and contact Monica Callahan, PhD at

Psychoanalytic Training Program Offers a Fellowship Program: Contemporary Forms of Psychoanalysis

Monica Callahan, PhD

ICP+P’s Psychoanalytic Training Program welcomes applications for a new class of its Fellowship Program in Contemporary Forms of Psychoanalysis, scheduled to begin in September 2015. The Fellowship Program introduces participants to the ways psychoanalysis has evolved as a relevant clinical practice for the 21st century. Fellows include practicing clinicians, psychiatry residents, psychology interns, and advanced graduate students from mental health fields. In considering acceptance into the program, preference will be given to individuals who have an interest in pursuing psychoanalytic training at some point.

Fellows participate in monthly Saturday afternoon seminars throughout the academic year, featuring presentations on specific psychoanalytic concepts by faculty and graduates of the ICP+P Psychoanalytic Training Program. Generally, readings are provided in advance of the meetings. Seminars draw from a variety of contemporary psychoanalytic theories, including self psychology, relational theory, intersubjective systems theory, motivational systems theory, attachment theory, and findings from infant studies.

The Fellowship will begin September 19, 2015 continuing through May, 2016 on the following dates: October 24, November 14, December 12, January 16, February 20, March 12, April 9, and May 21. Seminars will be held on Saturday afternoons from 2:00 to 4:00 PM at the ICP+P office, 4601 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 8, Washington, DC 20008.

Applications will be accepted until July 15.  Click here for the application.

For further information, contact Monica L. Callahan, PhD, Chair, Fellowship Program at or 301-587-6211 or click here to go to our website.

Click here for a copy of the complete flier…


CAPP Outreach Group

Gail Winston, LICSW

ICP+P’s CAPP Program is offering a five (5) week discussion group for advanced graduate students or interested clinicians with a focus on the basic tenets of Self Psychology. It would be particularly useful for people who are considering further training in a self-psychological and relational orientation.

Dates: The group will meet on five Thursday evenings: October 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29, 2015
Time: 7:15 to 8:30 pm
Place: ICP+P Office,  4601 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 8, Washington, DC

Cost: There is no fee for this group.

Leader: Gail Winston, LICSW is a Founding Member and has served on the Board of ICP+P. She is also a graduate from the ICP+P Couples Training Program. Currently she is facilitating one of the Institute’s study groups on The Reading of Novels and Memoirs through the Lens of a Psychotherapist. Gail has maintained a private practice in Washington, DC for over 30 years, focusing on individuals and couples. To register and for further information please contact her at 202.686.1177 or GWINSTON@GAILWINSTON.COM.


Couples Therapy Training Program Class to Begin in September

Michael Wannon, PhD

The Couples Training Program has accepted five members for its 2015-2016 class. If you are interested in learning more about the program and the possibility of becoming a member of the 2015-2016 class, please contact the Chair of the program, Michael Wannon, Ph.D.,


ICP+P’s Annual Pot Luck and Fall Kick-Off

Kathy Beck, LICSW

September 20, 2015, 4:00-7:00 pm
Chevy Chase Village Hall
5906 Connecticut Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD 20815

We hope that you will plan to join us on Sunday, September 20, 2015, 4:00 to 7:00 pm, for the fall pot luck and town hall meeting. This kick-off event gives us a chance to come together as a community to renew ongoing relationships as well as to welcome new members. New members who have joined ICP+P within the last year and the incoming Members-in-Training will be introduced. In addition, we are planning to have a town hall meeting in which members can be a part of an open discussion about ICP+P, including the year’s upcoming programs and other areas of interest or concern to the ICP+P community. The pot luck has always been an informal, lively, and fun event with lots of great food!

 Please mark your calendars!

Save The Date for the 22nd Annual Conference, April 16, 2016

ICP+P’s Contemporary Approaches to Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (CAPP) Program is sponsoring the Annual Conference on Saturday, April 16, 2016

Richard Geist, EdD will be our featured speaker and will be discussing his notion of Connectedness in the Clinical Encounter. Janna Sandmeyer, Chair of the CAPP Program, will be presenting a case, and Sally Bloom-Feshbach, CAPP Faculty, will be the discussant. It promises to be an interesting and thought-provoking day!

Members in the Arts

    • Helen Power

      Helen Power

      Helen Power is exhibiting her recent paintings at two galleries during the month of June:
      Unitarian Church of Arlington, 4444 Arlington Blvd, Arlington, VA 22204 through June 21 and Yellow Barn, 7300 MacArthur Blvd, Glen Echo, MD 20812, June 20, and 21.
      Acrylic Paint on Canvas
      Size 36″x48″
      Helen Power, LCSW, ATR-BC, RPT-S

    • Elaine HoffmanElaine Hoffman is proud to announce that she has been juried into the 2015 Mid-Atlantic Regional Watercolor Exhibition. There were over 300 artists who submitted work and only about 90 were juried into the show. Elaine was lucky to be one of them with one of her watercolors. All of the watercolors being exhibited are beautiful and the show is well worth seeing. It starts June 3 and goes until July 1. It is located at Blackrock Center For the Arts, 12901 Town Commons Drive, Germantown, Md 20874. Elaine can be reached at 202.841.0270 or
      “Sun Kissed Oranges”
      Watercolor on Canvas
      Size 22″x15″
      Elaine Hoffman, MA, LMFT

Please submit artwork in JPG or PNG format or announcements of performances to Jonathan Lebolt at or Nancy Der at


Upcoming Events

      • Saturday, September 12, 9:00 am-12:30 pm, 90th Birthday Celebration for Joseph Lichtenberg, MD with a Discussion on his Contributions to Psychoanalysis with Sandy Hershberg, MD and Linda Gunsberg.  The free-to-members talks will be followed by a paid luncheon (at La Ferme) celebrating Joe’s 90 years and his contributions to psychoanalysis and ICP+P.
      • Sunday, October 4, 2015, 1:00-4:15 pm, Short Course – Cultural Issues and Relational Practice, with Jonathan Lebolt, PhD, DCSW, CGP and Yan Ni, PsyM, Meets Cultural Competence Requirement, at  ICP+P Office, 4601 Connecticut, Ave., NW, Suite 8, Washington, DC 20008.
      • Friday, November 6, 2015, 10:00 am-1:00 pm, Short Course – Couples Therapy with Angela Snyder, PsyD and Ashley Seeger, PsyD at the ICP+P Office, 4601 Connecticut, Ave., NW, Suite 8, Washington, DC 20008.
      • Saturday, December 5, 2015, 9:00 am-12:30 pm, ICP+P Conference on Adolescents and Technology with Shelley Doctors, PhD and Jackie Gotthold, PsyD.
      • Saturday, February 27, 2016, 9:00 am-12:30 pm, ICP+P Couples Conference. Chaired by Tybe Diamond, MSW this free-to-members half-day program will be created and presented by Couples Training Program Faculty and Graduates.
      • Saturday, April 16, 2016, 9:00 am-4:30 pm, ICP+P 22nd Annual Conference with Richard Geist, EdD as our featured speaker discussing Connectedness in the Clinical Encounter.


News and Notes

      • On June 21, 2015, Robert Benedetti, PhD,  Candidate in the National Training Program in Contemporary Psychoanalysis will be speaking to the Anatolian Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies Association in Ankara, Turkey on LGBTQ related issues in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. He will give two papers:  “Belonging:  Ontogeny of a Gay Psychoanalytic Candidate” and “The Suffering Stranger and The Suffering Therapist–Theoretical and Clinical Implications of Parallel Traumas”.
      • Ted Billings, LCSW, and Bill Pinney, PhD, both members of the Contemporary Approaches to Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (CAPP) faculty, will be presenting papers at the upcoming conference for the International Association of Relational Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis (IARPP) on June 25-28 in Toronto. Ted Billings’ paper is entitled “Cancer Pain: Collective, Subjective Experience.” Bill Pinney’s paper is entitled “Tigger, Eeyore, and the ‘Crunch’ of Misrecognition.” Janna Sandmeyer, PhD, chair of the CAPP program, will be moderating a panel entitled, “Contradiction, Empathy, and Multiplicity.” Shoshanna Ringel, PhD,     LCSW-C, graduate of the ICP+P Psychoanalytic Training Program, in collaboration with Faye Mishna, will be presenting a paper titled: “Developing a Reflective Self in Cyberspace”.

Bulletin Board

      • Free – a set of all the items for the WAIS testing, believed to be an early copy. Contact Cay Hartley, 301-908-3001.
      • Unit for sale; condo with two offices, waiting room, kitchen, bath, large storage closet. Within two blocks of Tenleytown metro. This unit is located on the fifth floor on the east side of Wisconsin Avenue. It is located on the back side of the building so is quiet with great views of Fort Reno. The unit can be registered for professional or residential use. For more information, contact Cay Hartley, 301-908-3001.
      •  Circle Sublet-Large, sunny, windowed office for sublet full-time/part-time. Suite has 3 offices (only one is available), kitchen, and bathroom in the suite. Secured building – 24 hour access. The Bristol House.  For further details please contact Yvonne DeCuirat or 202 – 835-8355.
      • Three full mornings (Mon., Tues., Wed. dawn to 1:15 pm) available in beautifully furnished private office steps from Dupont Circle metro. 24-hour secretarial service, so patients and you have easy access. Private waiting room and bathroom in the suite, as well as a kitchenette microwave, fridge and sink. Office is cleaned daily by the building staff. 1-day: 375/month; 2-days: $700/month: 3-days $900/month. In door garage parking available for an additional fee. Email or call Sheila Cahill at 202-258-1678.
      • Office Sublet/GW Metro – Warm, nicely furnished office near GW Metro available on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and weekends. Please contact Gary Brown at  or 202-256-4357.
      • Office to sublet: Old Town Alexandria – one block from the King Street Metro. Handicap accessible in a secure building.  Suite includes two offices, a bathroom, kitchen and waiting room.  One office can be rented on a full or part time basis beginning May 1, 2015. Contact Susan Horne Quatannens, LCSW, 1600 Prince Street, Suite 102, email or telephone, 703-549-1787.
      • Half-Time ($375/month) and Part-Time (variable depending on blocks of time) office space available in psychotherapists’ suite in Medical Building. Located almost directly across from convenient Virginia Square Metro in North Arlington, just minutes from DC. Suite is working home to warm community of Psychologists, Social Workers and Counselors. Includes sizable waiting room, interior kitchenette and bathroom and has free WiFi. Please contact Janice Sanchez at 703-841-5446 or
      • Office Space Available – Share a lovely, sunny office in Tenleytown, steps from Metro.  Beautifully furnished in a six-office suite with shared waiting room, restrooms, underground parking and garden entrance.  Receptionist creates a welcoming atmosphere.  Available 2 ½ days a week.  Please contact Cynthia Rosenberg at or 202-244-0998.

ICP+P Connections is the e-Newsletter of the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, issued at the beginning of each month.

Please e-mail articles, announcements, and artwork in JPG/PNG format to Jonathan Lebolt, PhD, DCSW, CGP (Editor) (804- 683-4536) at or Nancy Der, ICP+P Administrator (Managing Editor) (202-686-9300, ext.5) at by the 23rd of the previous month.


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