Developmental Psychotherapy Across the Lifespan:
Ingathering Child-Centered Therapy Principals to Treating Adults With Dysregulation

Presented by Georgia DeGangi, PhD and Marc Nemiroff, PhD

ICP+P is offering a half day conference on Saturday, November 5, 2016 from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm.

This half-day workshop is designed for clinicians interested in applying developmental psychotherapy to the treatment of adults with disorders of self-regulation and/or experiences of trauma. These individuals are highly sensitive to stimulation from the environment, emotionally reactive, and have difficulty maintaining relationships and an organized, regulated lifestyle. Drs. DeGangi and Nemiroff will present child-centered therapy, a technique that focuses on the process of self-regulation, affect attunement, emotional communication, attachment, and relational knowing. They will give an example of child-centered therapy as applied to a disengaged mother-infant dyad with a highly irritable infant. Dr. DeGangi and Dr. Nemiroff will each present an in-depth case of adults with severe dysregulation and psychically active childhood trauma. The treatment in both cases exemplifies the application of developmental psychotherapy to the adult population.

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