ICP+P offers at least four conferences each year. Two are free to members. The others offer members a reduced registration fee, as do our short courses. In order to teach across multiple modalities, we distribute papers by the presenter prior to the meeting date, we provide small discussion groups during all-day meetings and we create opportunities to ask questions with the presenter.

ICP+P welcomes renowned speakers at our conferences and institutes. In recent years, these have included Beatrice Beebe, Doris Brothers, Sandra Buechler, Andrea Celenza, Bruce Coburn, Christine Courtois, Shelley Doctors, James Fosshage, Richard Geist, Jackie Gotthold, Frank Lachmann, Kimberlyn Leary, Joseph Lichtenberg, Donna Orange, Philip Ringstrom, Robert Stolorow, Frank Summers, Judith Teicholz, and Usha Tummala-Narra. We have offered Institutes (a series of four all-day meetings across one academic year) in Relational Psychology; Self Psychology; and Embodying the Unspoken Self: Attachment, Trauma, Neurobiology and the Body.  Please click here for a sampling of past conferences.

Limited scholarships may be offered on some conferences. Click here to submit a scholarship application for an upcoming conference.

ICP+P to Co-Sponsor IAPSP Conference October 2019

ICP+P will co-sponsor the 42nd Annual IAPSP International Conference : "Engaging Difference and Sameness: Pathways to Empathic Dialogue" to be held in Vancouver, Canada, from Thursday, October 17 to Sunday, October 20, 2019. We will continue our search for a Psychoanalytic Self Psychology that can provide a meaningful and relevant response to our increasingly troubled, traumatized and traumatizing world.

Engaging Diversity through the Therapist’s Being Moved: Radical Openness and the Patient Who is ‘Other’ ~ 3 Diversity CEs ~ Dec 7, 2019

Every psychotherapist has had the experience of being seen, by the people whom we are trying to help, in ways that are different from how we see ourselves. Therapeutic dialogues across the borders of diversity can intensify this dynamic. It can be extremely difficult, for example, to have the subjective experience of feeling dedicated and engaged but, in contrast, be experienced by the person we are working with as detached. Or, similarly, ...

Clinical Reflections Conference ~ February 22, 2020

Clinical Reflections (previously Scientific Day) is our biannual celebration of the scholarship and creativity within our membership. It is an opportunity to learn from each other, both from the talks presented and from the discussions they stimulate among our audience members. This conference is not open yet for registration, but mark your calendars now!

Misogyny, Hatred and Envy Pre-Conference with Adrienne Harris, PhD ~ May 1, 2020

This pre-conference will be on the subject of misogyny, examining this process across and within genders, as a backdrop to sexual harassment and as a component of the reactivity to the #MeToo movement. In thinking about gender and sexuality in the context of misogyny, we will be watching for the complexity of these experiences both from a psychoanalytic lens and with an eye to the concept of 'intersectionality.'

Gender Fluidity and Gender Fixed: Contemporary Intersectional and Psychoanalytic Models of Gender and Gender Development with Adrienne Harris, PhD ~ May 2, 2020

Dr. Harris will begin the day with a discussion to focus on models of gender development, considering both the social force of demands for gender conformity and the contemporary fluidity and complexity of lived experiences of gender. The afternoon will be devoted to clinical accounts of gender and sexuality identifications as they are encountered in contemporary analytic practices.