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Offman, H. (2014). The princess and the penis: A post-modern queer-y tale. Psychoanalytic Dialogues, 24(1):72-87

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transgender; gender expectations and non-conformity; to a lesser degree, sexual orientation; differences between therapist and patient

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Offman, a cisgender psychiatrist, describes analytic work with a person who decides to transition from female to male, and then to become pregnant. Offman shares some of her own perspectives during the treatment, and describes how that process affected the work.

Discussion of this article was included in an ICP+P faculty workshop presented November 18, 2018 by Jonathan Stillerman, PhD and Jennifer Unterberg, PhD: The Expanding Universe: Modern Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality in the Therapeutic Encounter.



“This paper explores whether postmodern gender theory can fully account for how a “cis” gender (gender and biology match) therapist works with a “trans” gender patient in a relational way. Inspiring contemporary queer theory exists courtesy of experts in the field, but how does a nongender expert deal with the complicated enactments that occur when patient transitions her gender from female to male and then decides to become pregnant? It is suggested that this case may more accurately represent an example of a post-postmodern analysis, in that it holds the dialectic of constructed gender within the realities of a social system that remains deeply gender binaried.”

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