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Walker, Nick (2014). Neurotypical Psychotherapists and Neurodivergent Clients. retrieved from

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Misperception, both conscious and unconscious, of neurodivergent (autism and other neurodivergent conditions) by neurotypical therapists. The concept of Neurotypical Privilege, similar to other types of privilege discussed in diversity literature. Suggestions for training and supervision of neurotypical therapists by neurodivergent supervisors.

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This article is (for me, a neurotypical therapist who works with many neurodivergent patients) challenging in a way that we need to be challenged. The author is assertive and sometimes angry, and for good reasons. It is part of the author’s web site, “NEUROCOSMOPOLITANISM: NICK WALKER’S NOTES ON NEURODIVERSITY, AUTISM, AND COGNITIVE LIBERTY.


There isn’t a conventional abstract, but the article is structured around these questions: 1. How would you address empathy deficits and poor communication skills in neurotypical people working with neurodivergent populations? and 2. How does your training in somatics (both as a therapeutic orientation and your aikido background) factor into your work in the Neurodiversity Movement?

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Tom Holman

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