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“Facing the Divide is a video series designed to bring psychological science to the conversation regarding the connections among race, racism and health. As experts on human behavior, psychologists have a unique perspective that can inform critical analysis of race relations. We can help you to facilitate constructive dialogues around race in the classroom or workplace. Healthy dialogue is necessary to face and eventually bridge the nation’s racial divide.

“Our first video in the series outlines the complex issues associated with race-related stress and fosters group discussions that promote critical thinking, increase empathy, and encourage social perspective-taking. This video helps you structure effective group discussions and models ways to keep difficult dialogues about race and prejudice productive.”

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A short but powerful video bringing together various leading thinkers on psychology of racism and its impact. Speakers’ words are accompanied by images and footage of real-world events. Some images might be difficult to see, but the worst ones are not depicted.

Some pointers and guides for working on diversity-related discussions.


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