Short Course: To Group or Not to Group: Assessment and Preparation of Potential Group Members ~ February 8, 2019

Group therapy can be integrated with, or follow, individual treatment to expand and broaden the client’s therapeutic experience beyond the traditional dyad. This workshop is an exciting opportunity for clinicians who may or may not run groups themselves: to learn specific ways in which participating in group may be beneficial; to explore having a dialogue with clients about group; and to connect clients with a group experience, if appropriate.

Short Course: Building Intimacy – Connecting Couples Sexually and Emotionally ~ October 26, 2018

This workshop explores the intersection of sexual and emotional intimacy for couples who are having little or no sexual activity. A treatment model of intervention will be presented. We’ll discuss various factors that could result in this breakdown and consider the initial options for beginning therapy...

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Short Course: Beyond the Words: Incorporating Somatic Interventions into Psychodynamic Psychotherapy ~ April 13, 2018

Given the increasing attention to the role of the body in treating trauma, dissociative disorders and other clinical conditions, many traditionally trained psychodynamic psychotherapists are exploring somatic interventions. Following ICP+P’s Institute on Embodying the Unspoken Self last year, this short course explores how to incorporate somatic interventions into psychodynamic psychotherapy.

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