Short Course: Jewish Experiences in Racial Reckoning: Openings and Obstacles ~ Jan 28 & Feb 5, 2024

Offering 2 Diversity CEs ~ This short course will discuss the transgenerational transmission of trauma that has marked Jewish experience from its inception, and how that lived history intersects with transgenerational transmission of privilege within the psychoanalytic psychotherapy community

Short Course: From the Nursery to the Therapeutic Relationship – Developing a Sense of Earned Security ~ Feb 5, 2022 ~ Registration Now Closed

Offering 2 CEs ~ In this short course, we will describe the observable links between an insecure attachment presentation in the nursery and the differences/similarities in adult treatment. We will also illustrate the way knowledge of attachment research can support therapists during moments in which intense and potentially disruptive affects take center stage in the clinical encounter. These are often the times that developmental trauma powerfully enters the room, affecting the dyad’s shared experience.

Short Course: Intersubjectivity: Working with the Leading Edge and the Trailing Edge ~ October 23rd, 2021

This course will take a deep dive into intersubjectivity theory as developed by Robert Stolorow with a focus on leading edge/trailing edge experiences in therapy. We will include how a cultural context is crucial to understanding and working with subjective experience.

Short Course: Psychotherapy in Black & White: Anti-Black Racism in Black Client/White Therapist & Black Therapist/White Client Dyads~April 23rd, 2021

Offering 3 Diversity CEs ~ This workshop we will review the research on Black-White interpersonal dynamics and how they relate to our therapeutic work. Along with reviewing the research on psychotherapy process between Black therapists and their White clients. We will review research on various types of anti-Black racism exhibited by White Americans in their interactions with Black Americans in general and in the psychotherapy context.

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Short Course: Reflections on Contemporary Models of Transference and Countertransference: Keeping Culture in Mind ~ Nov 8, 2020

Offering 2 Diversity CEs, we will begin by exploring how participants think about transference and countertransference. What importance does a focus on these phenomena play in their clinical work? Although both concepts are considered to be foundational aspects of a psychodynamic approach, therapists may feel uncertain about how to apply them clinically as psychoanalytic theory has evolved and changed...

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