Learn about the Couples Training Program at this April 25th Case Conference

Integrating Psychodynamic and Neurobiological Principles in the Treatment of A Couple ~ Through case presentation and discussion, Kirsten Chadwick, PhD and Janice Sanchez, MSW will offer an opportunity to explore neurobiological considerations in the psychodynamic psychotherapy of a struggling young couple. We will explore how equipping couples with information about emotional arousal, their “Window of Tolerance” and the dynamics of the brain can help couples in and out of the therapy office.

November 2019 Newsletter – Full Text Version

Diversity in our Practice and our Lives

by Dawn Taylor

“Radical openness involves a disciplined psychoanalytic stance of attempting to notice, question and relinquish presumptions about oneself and the other.” Anton Hart (1)

On December 7th, Dr. Anton Hart […]

September 2019 Newsletter – Full Text Version

ICP+P Celebrates Gender and Sexual Diversity, Sept. 27 & 28

by Janna Sandmeyer

I hope you will join us for a special upcoming weekend, in which ICP+P will celebrate gender and sexual diversity. Embedded in rapidly changing societal and cultural times, the […]

May 2019 Newsletter – Full Text Version

Welcome to the 25th Anniversary of ICP+P!

by Rosemary Segalla

It has been an exciting quarter century at ICP+P. The ongoing richness of spirit among our members is exactly what Joe Lichtenberg and I were hoping […]

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