ICP+P Roundtable: Promoting Efficacy in the Therapeutic Alliance: Considerations for non-Black Clinicians working with African-American Clientele ~ Sep 18, 2022

In this ICP+P Roundtable, as an African-American Black male therapist, Marvin Evans, will share his thoughts and experiences on the topic based on his perspective as someone trained in the Eurocentric models of psychotherapy, while negotiating models of efficacy drawn from theory as well as cultural ethos.

Joseph D. Lichtenberg’s Legacy: Reflections on Power, Aggression, and Transformation ~ Sep 10, 2022

The conference will be in two parts. In the first part of the day, Arthur Gray will present on Joseph Lichtenberg’s ideas about power and personal efficacy. In the second part of the conference, Marie Hellinger and Elizabeth Carr will present ideas from their recently published paper (2021) on self psychology and aggression.

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