ICP+P Community Celebration: Past, Present and Future ~ January 26, 2020

ICP+P invites all members to a Community Celebration: Past, Present and Future! Are you looking for a professional institute to call home? Have you missed opportunities to participate in ICP+P events lately? Would you like a chance to reconnect with familiar faces? Do you love free Italian cuisine? Whatever your answers, let's gather to celebrate all that ICP+P is on January 26th.

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A Note on the Current Treatment of Migrants Entering the United States

We condemn the inhumane immigration practices of the United States government. These practices result in irreparable harm to people who desperately need a safe haven and who risk death to find one. Tearing children from their parents is cruel and creates family trauma that lasts far beyond the first generation. Such exponential emotional damage should […]

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Join the Diversity Discussion Group

You are invited to join a newly forming email discussion group focused on diversity-related topics. Among other things, this will be a forum for posting ideas or questions, sharing articles, discussing books and movies, and communicating about upcoming diversity interest group meetings.
You can subscribe by sending an email to administrator@icpeast.org.


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