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To increase diversity in our institute and affirm our commitment to social justice, ICP+P uses a sliding scale and offers payment plans. Please choose from the options below, or contact Associate Director for Membership, Naomi Nim to discuss alternative options based on individual circumstances: naominimtherapist@gmail.com.


For individuals for whom paying their fair share means acknowledging that they have benefited from systemic injustices, and/or that they are able to contribute to the community, we welcome contributions of any amount. If you would like to make a donation, please select an amount below, or visit our donation page https://icpeast.org/donations/.


We are a non-profit organization that depends entirely on your support to fund our work. We urge those who can, to give generously to support our work and to help develop the ICP&P community. Your donations are tax-deductible.


Please take a few minutes to complete and submit the form below and our membership coordinator will be in touch with you.


Thank you and welcome!

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    The remainder of the form will enable you to tell us more about yourself. The information you provide will be used in our online directory, so be sure to list as many details as you can so you can be found!

    To pay 50% of the full membership fee, use code “discountrate1.” To pay 30% of the full membership fee, use code “discountrate2.”