1. Pre-Institute Study Group:

Space is still available in a study group focused on pre-readings for the four conferences of the upcoming 2016 Institute, Embodying the Unspoken Self: Attachment, Trauma, Neurobiology and the Body.

If interested please contact Wendy Berns – (703) 294-6614,

First Monday of the month – 7:45pm – 9:15 pm (please note this is a change of time from 7:00pm to 7:45pm)

Location: 4777 N. 25th Street, Arlington, Va.

2. Creativity Study Group:

The topic of creativity is of great interest to many members interested in joining a study group. Plans, therefore, are underway to start a second Creativity Study Group. An initial meeting was held in April to discuss ideas for the group. This group will focus, for the most part, in a similar way to the current creativity study group (listed under Study Groups on the website, “Experiential and Theoretical Investigation into the Creative Process). If enough people are interested in a different focus for the group, a third creativity study group will also be organized to start in the Fall.

A second meeting to further discuss ideas and topics for these groups will be held on:

Thursday, May 12th at 7:45pm
Location: ICP+P office, 4601 Connecticut Avenue, NW, DC

If interested in attending the meeting or joining in September, please contact me at

3. Novels and Memoirs as they Relate to Psychotherapy Study Group:

Several people have indicated that they would like to join a Novels and Memoirs study group. If there is enough interest in this topic, a second study group on this topic will also be organized for the Fall.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested –

4. Creative Writing Study Group:

A new study group will focus on creative writing. It will focus primarily on fiction, which would include prose, poetry, plays and screen plays. Creative non-fiction by group members could be included but the primary focus will be fiction. The purpose of the group is to provide the opportunity for feedback, encouragement and support in writing fiction. The group will take turns reading and responding to group member’s own writing with the potential to return with revisions over time. There are no requirements for members other than the interest to produce written work to openly share with the group and the responsibility to thoughtfully respond to the writing that others provide. The advantage of a writing group within ICP+P is to bring together interests in personal creativity with the psychological perspective we enjoy in our profession.

The tentative meeting time would be once a month on Thursday evenings.

If interested and/or you have questions please contact Jeffrey or Etta Sandler –

5. Early Career Study Group:

Roger Segalla, ICP+P Director Emeritus, will be forming a study group starting in September 2016 for ICP+P members who are in the early years of their professional careers. This group will discuss issues such as: developing a professional identity, setting up a private practice, practice guidelines, creating a theoretical perspective, setting fees, dealing with insurance (or not), etc. We will also be reading and discussing a series of introductory, foundational, articles from Self Psychology and the Relational Perspectives. The group will meet on the last Wednesday of the month starting September 28th, 2016 from 11:45am till 1:00pm at 4809 St. Elmo Avenue in Bethesda, Maryland. Please contact Roger at for any questions.

For questions and to discuss your interest in study groups, please contact me at