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ICP+P strives to be an anti-racist and inclusionary organization. We are actively and thoughtfully working on making this an ongoing and permanent part of our internal structure. We seek people who bring diverse backgrounds and perspectives to join us in this work and are highly motivated to understand and change the way systemic racism has impacted the world, our community, our organization and our professional identities.

What we do


Undercurrents: Historical Trauma and Transgenerational Transmission with Jill Salberg, PhD, ABPP ~ May 15, 2021

At this time of historical, cultural, social and political upheaval, many of us are processing and incorporating the impact of external events on our clients and their families into our work. Historical as well as personal trauma often adversely impact our clients’ families and cast shadows on their internal and interpersonal development. As psychotherapists and psychoanalysts, we are broadening our lens beyond the intrapsychic and interpersonal to include the historical and transgenerational. In considering the appearance and impact of intergenerational transmissions of trauma, Dr. Salberg examines the dissociative states of mind that cross from parents to their children.

CAPP Program is Accepting Applications for Fall Class

The CAPP program is a 2-year clinical training program specifically focused on the values, attitudes and listening perspectives of clinicians who operate from Self Psychological and Relational orientations. Self-reflection, personal growth and the capacity for critical thinking are the building blocks of the CAPP program. CAPP, embedded in the facilitating environment of the ICP+P community, is designed to provide a training experience that captures the excitement, creativity, and diversity fundamental to these perspectives.

Welcome to our community

ICP+P is an organization that serves the needs of DC-area mental health practitioners who ground their work in self, relational, and other contemporary psychodynamic models.

At ICP+P, we purposefully create a culture of openness, authenticity and respect – one in which clinicians are able to develop trusting relationships with one another. In this climate members can learn effectively and receive guidance with their work from supportive colleagues. It is special to find a community that speaks your language and demonstrates warmth, operates at a high level of ambition and achievement, values scholarship and depth of learning, and practices empathy, attunement and helpfulness…


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