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Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy+

A Community for Self+Relational Theory+Therapy


What we do


CAPP Case Conference on March 4th

Please join us in discussing our innovative curriculum and the opportunities it affords prospective applicants to enhance their development as clinicians. Come and see what makes our distinctive program a unique opportunity for advancing your understanding of contemporary psychodynamic perspectives and deepening your clinical work.

Join the Couples Therapy Training Program

A new class will begin in September 2018! ICP+P’s Couples Therapy Training Program focuses on integrating psychodynamic theory and specific clinical skills, so that clinicians can feel effective in therapeutically addressing the challenges of this work. The program consists of weekly three-hour meetings, divided between didactic learning and group supervision on active couples cases.

Short Course: Beyond the Words: Incorporating Somatic Interventions into Psychodynamic Psychotherapy ~ April 13

NEARLY SOLD OUT ~ REGISTER NOW! Given the increasing attention to the role of the body in treating trauma, dissociative disorders and other clinical conditions, many traditionally trained psychodynamic psychotherapists are exploring somatic interventions. Following ICP+P’s Institute on Embodying the Unspoken Self last year, this short course explores how to incorporate somatic interventions into psychodynamic psychotherapy.

CAPP Study Group for Prospective Members-in-Training

ICP+P’s CAPP Program is offering a monthly study group beginning in January, 2018 for clinicians interested in pursuing the training program. You can join the group any month. There will be readings in self and relational psychotherapy as well as the opportunity to get a better sense of the [...]

Psychoanalytic Study Group for Prospective Trainees

~Openings available now~ with Elizabeth Carr and Larry Ballon ~The ICP+P Psychoanalytic Training Program is pleased to announce a new study group for individuals who are considering joining a first year class scheduled to begin September 2018. The study group will be a place to explore your interest in [...]

First Meetings in Therapy: Poetics and Pragmatics Conference on May, 5 2018

We will consider first meetings thematically, experientially and pragmatically. We will discuss how patients and psychoanalytic therapists think and feel about beginning therapy and how first meetings can be structured so as to facilitate the start of a collaborative process. The focus throughout will be on the hopes and dreads of both patients and therapists and how these are reflected in the exchanges that mark the start of psychoanalytic therapy. The ideas contained in this presentation will be illustrated by an extended case example.

Welcome to our community

ICP+P is an organization that serves the needs of DC-area mental health practitioners who ground their work in self, relational, and other contemporary psychodynamic models.

At ICP+P, we purposefully create a culture of openness, authenticity and respect – one in which clinicians are able to develop trusting relationships with one another. In this climate members can learn effectively and receive guidance with their work from supportive colleagues. It is special to find a community that speaks your language and demonstrates warmth, operates at a high level of ambition and achievement, values scholarship and depth of learning, and practices empathy, attunement and helpfulness…