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Clinical Reflections Conference ~ February 22, 2020

Please join your friends and fellow ICP+P members to hear them share their scholarly, creative and clinical work with the community. This year we’re proud to present speakers with cutting edge work. Shoshana Ringel will share her work with a patient suffering with relational trauma using telehealth as the main modality. Dana Harron will share her experience of writing and publishing a book about eating disorders. Martha Gibbons will present a moving portrayal of her internal process in the face of a loved one’s journey into end of life. Each session will have a Q & A period allowing for a collaborative process and community engagement.

Short Course: Integrative Psychotherapy with Autistic Children and Their Families, Emphasizing Neurodiversity Principles ~ March 1, 2020

This short course will feature discussion of neurodiversity, psychotherapy, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The course will begin with a brief background on ASD and neurodiversity. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on their own experiences with neurodiversity and neurotypical privilege. Therapeutic work is illustrated in the treatment of a moderately-functioning 10 year old boy.

CAPP Open Houses March 15 and April 18

ICP+P's CAPP Program is pleased to announce two Open Houses, offered free of charge, as an introduction to topics and clinical applications included in the training experience. Join us to explore how you can deepen your practice, expand your theoretical understanding, and learn more about the only psychotherapy program in the DC area that is dedicated to Self and Relational perspectives.

Join the Couples Therapy Training Program ~ Classes Starting in September!

A new class will begin in September! ICP+P’s Couples Therapy Training Program focuses on integrating psychodynamic theory and specific clinical skills, so that clinicians can feel effective in therapeutically addressing the challenges of this work. The program consists of weekly three-hour meetings, divided between didactic learning and group supervision on active couples cases.

Short Course: Deepening Psychodynamic Clinical Engagement: Reflections on Contemporary Models of Transference and Countertransference ~ March 29, 2020

America is in the midst of a suicide crisis. Last year, the Center for Disease Control released statistics showing that the rate of suicide increased by 33% between 1999 and 2017. Since 2008, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death for all ages. That rate only increases when there is a history of childhood abuse and neglect. Most therapists received little, if any training, about how to manage a suicidal crisis. Most of the training that is available focuses on ‘fixing’ the problem of suicide through prediction and prevention techniques.

Misogyny, Hatred and Envy Pre-Conference with Adrienne Harris, PhD ~ May 1, 2020

This pre-conference will be on the subject of misogyny, examining this process across and within genders, as a backdrop to sexual harassment and as a component of the reactivity to the #MeToo movement. In thinking about gender and sexuality in the context of misogyny, we will be watching for the complexity of these experiences both from a psychoanalytic lens and with an eye to the concept of 'intersectionality.'

Gender Fluidity and Gender Fixed: Contemporary Intersectional and Psychoanalytic Models of Gender and Gender Development with Adrienne Harris, PhD ~ May 2, 2020

Dr. Harris will begin the day with a discussion to focus on models of gender development, considering both the social force of demands for gender conformity and the contemporary fluidity and complexity of lived experiences of gender. The afternoon will be devoted to clinical accounts of gender and sexuality identifications as they are encountered in contemporary analytic practices.

Welcome to our community

ICP+P is an organization that serves the needs of DC-area mental health practitioners who ground their work in self, relational, and other contemporary psychodynamic models.

At ICP+P, we purposefully create a culture of openness, authenticity and respect – one in which clinicians are able to develop trusting relationships with one another. In this climate members can learn effectively and receive guidance with their work from supportive colleagues. It is special to find a community that speaks your language and demonstrates warmth, operates at a high level of ambition and achievement, values scholarship and depth of learning, and practices empathy, attunement and helpfulness…