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Short Course: A Taste of Group ~ September 22, 2024

Offering 2.5 CEs ~ After a 20-minute didactic introduction about process and therapy groups and an intersubjective approach to group, the instructor will lead participants in a 1 1/2-hour process group, a group therapy training experience in which members share thoughts and feelings that emerge in the here and now during the time allotted.

ICP+P Office Hours

We are initiating monthly office hours for ICP&P members to meet with a few members of the Board. The purpose is wide open. We want to get to know you and to hear your concerns, questions, suggestions, needs, musings, novel ideas, and anything else that's on your mind about ICP&P. [...]

Welcome to our community

ICP+P is an organization that serves the needs of DC-area mental health practitioners who ground their work in self, relational, and other contemporary psychodynamic models.

At ICP+P, we purposefully create a culture of openness, authenticity and respect – one in which clinicians are able to develop trusting relationships with one another. In this climate members can learn effectively and receive guidance with their work from supportive colleagues. It is special to find a community that speaks your language and demonstrates warmth, operates at a high level of ambition and achievement, values scholarship and depth of learning, and practices empathy, attunement and helpfulness…


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