CAPP Study Group for Prospective Members-in-Training

ICP+P’s CAPP Program is offering a monthly study group beginning in January, 2018 for clinicians interested in pursuing the training program.  There will be readings in self and relational psychotherapy as well as the opportunity to get a better sense of the CAPP program, which will welcome a new class in September 2018. To learn […]

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Psychoanalytic Study Group for Prospective Trainees

~Coming Fall 2017~

with Elizabeth Carr and Larry Ballon

~The ICP+P Psychoanalytic Training Program is pleased to announce a new study group beginning Fall 2017 for individuals who are considering joining a first year class scheduled to begin September 2018. The study group will be a place to explore your interest in training and to learn more […]

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Affect and Self-Regulation Study Group 2016-2017 Learning Objectives


First Monday of the month, October through May, 7:30 PM
Washington, DC

The overarching frame of reference for this year of study is to deepen our understanding of what has been called the severe neuroses and typically involves the treatment of borderline and dissociative phenomena. We will explore the extent to which an unconscious need to regulate intense […]

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Experiential and Theoretical Investigation into the Creative Process Study Group 2016-2017 Learning Objectives

Third Tuesday of the month, September through June, 7:30 PM
3715 Alton Place, NW, Washington, DC 20016

Our group views creativity as a capacity that is integral to being human, although the ability to express that creativity may be developed to differing degrees. Our readings have built up a body of thinking about creativity that draws on […]

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The Science, Art, and Application of Psychotherapy Integration Study Group 2016-2017 Learning Objectives

2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month from 11:00 am-12:30 pm
3000 Connecticut Ave, NW, Suite 327, Washington, DC 20008

This study group will focus upon the convergence of selected components of theory and practice that serve to enhance and intensify the therapeutic encounter. The central role of the integration of contemporary psychodynamic approaches, affective and social […]

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Couples Study Group 2016-2017 Learning Objectives

1st Friday of every month from 1:10-2:40pm
3000 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 214
Washington, DC 20008

The challenges of working with couples will be explored through readings that draw from self psychology, attachment theory, intersubjectivity and relational theories, neuroscience, as well as clinical discussion. Topics will include working with oppositional couples, countertransference dilemmas, sexual issues, infidelity, loss and […]

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