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Weekend I

Relational Perspectives: Origins, Growth, and Frontiers

Friday October 9, and Saturday October 10, 2009
Featured Speaker:
Lewis Aron, Ph.D.

Weekend II

Relational Perspectives On Therapeutic Action

Friday December 4, and Saturday December 5, 2009
Featured Speaker:
Donnel Stern, Ph.D.

Weekend III

Relational Perspectives On Clinical Interactions

Friday, February 26, and Saturday February 27, 2010
Featured Speaker:
Margaret Black, L.C.S.W.

Weekend IV

Countertransference Dilemmas: On Knowing and Being Known

Friday May 7, and Saturday, May 8, 2010
Featured Speakers:
Steven Cooper, Ph.D. and Karen Maroda, Ph.D.


Relational Perspectives Institute

The Relational Perspectives Institute took place from October 2009 to May 2010

Pictures from the weekends

» Weekend I

» Weekend II

» Weekend III

Institute Chair:
Roger J. Segalla, Jr., PhD

Relational Psychoanalysis has its foundations in Freud's inner circle when Sandor Ferenczi and Otto Rank broke with Freud's purely intrapsychic one-person model to consider the role of relationship and mutuality in treatment. The groundbreaking work of Melanie Klein, D.W. Winnicott, W.R.D. Fairbairn, Harry Stack Sullivan, Karen Horney, Eric Fromm, John Bowlby, Hans Loewald, Heinz Kohut and Heinrich Racker went further, making relationship central to development, personality and psychopathology. The American Relational movement, guided by the late Stephen Mitchell, has taken this "turn" toward relationship and moved psychoanalysis toward a two-person model that has transformed psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. This fundamental paradigm shift has generated renewed excitement within psychoanalysis and stimulated an explosion of creativity that is continuing to redefine psychoanalytic theory and treatment.

The Relational Perspectives Institute (RPI) will consist of four intensive weekend conferences. Each weekend is uniquely designed to immerse the participant in the foundational theories and techniques that define the Relational Perspectives. The Institute will feature speakers and faculty who represent the very best and most innovative voices from the American Relational Perspectives. Our featured speakers: Lewis Aron, Donnel Stern, Margaret Black, Karen Maroda and Steven Cooper have been central voices in defining the field of Relational Psychoanalysis. Together with the Relational Faculty of ICP&P, these speakers will provide the participants with an engaging, interactive and stimulating learning experience.