Short Course: Focusing More on the Body (and Less on the Narrative): Incorporating Somatic Interventions into Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Save the date for our next Short Course…

~Presented by Alexandra Kaghan, MSW and Judy Marx, PhD~

When:  Friday, Friday, April 13, 2018 from  12:30 – 3:45 pm (3 CEUs)
Where:  ICP+P Office, 4601 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 8, Washington, DC 20008

More details will be coming in February!


Cost […]

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Outreach and In-Reach: Leaning into Diversity and Awareness

Our community is warm, supportive, and growth-promoting in so many ways. The peers and mentors I've found here nurture, teach, and inspire me to do the difficult work of therapy. So when the last ICP+P retreat made it evident that we need to provide a maximally inviting atmosphere for our next generation of members, and the board created a new position, I volunteered.

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Join the Diversity Discussion Group

You are invited to join a newly forming email discussion group focused on diversity-related topics. Among other things, this will be a forum for posting ideas or questions, sharing articles, discussing books and movies, and communicating about upcoming diversity interest group meetings.
You can subscribe by sending an email to


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CAPP Study Group for Prospective Members-in-Training

ICP+P’s CAPP Program is offering a monthly study group beginning in January, 2018 for clinicians interested in pursuing the training program. You can join the group any month. There will be readings in self and relational psychotherapy as well as the opportunity to get a better sense of the CAPP program, which will welcome a […]

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Psychoanalytic Study Group for Prospective Trainees

~Openings available now~

with Elizabeth Carr and Larry Ballon

~The ICP+P Psychoanalytic Training Program is pleased to announce a new study group for individuals who are considering joining a first year class scheduled to begin September 2018. The study group will be a place to explore your interest in training and to learn more about our psychoanalytic […]

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Newsletter – January 2016

Director’s Column

Roger J. Segalla, Jr., PhD
Segalla_Headshot--3These are anxious times we live in. The unprovoked, horrifying, terrorist attack in Paris which killed 130 people, and wounded 368 others, was a random attack against civilians who were simply going about their lives. These victims of brutal violence were […]

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Newsletter – December 2015

Associate Director of Member Relations

Martha Blechar Gibbons, PhD, APRN, BC Martha Blechar Gibbons, PhD, APRN, BC

Martha Gibbons, PhD, APRN, BC
This is the most precious gift…the experience of knowing we always belong.
– Bell Hooks

Years ago I attended my first ICP+P conference by invitation of a friend who […]

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