Working with Groups

Collaboration and Integration: Principles and Practices for Working with Groups

with Faculty from the National Group Psychotherapy Institute of the Washington School of Psychiatry

This program was presented on Saturday, October 4, 2008 at the Johns Hopkins University Center

This conference is organized around the premise that groups are fundamental to human development. Essentially, groups influence how we see ourselves and how we live our lives. For the mental health professional, an understanding of group process is fundamental to sound practice from group psychotherapy to leading and participating in learning groups as well as participating in groups that are part of organizational life.

ICP&P is pleased to collaborate with the National Group Psychotherapy Institute from the Washington School of Psychiatry in presenting a one-day workshop on group psychotherapy and group theory. The conference will include both didactic and experiential components. In addition to presentations by the faculty on theory and practice, attendees will participate as members in small and large group events. Some will have the opportunity to be members of a demonstration group observed by the larger conference audience. The conference program will address different theoretical approaches including Relational and Self Psychological perspectives and provide an opportunity to experience being observer participants within different intersubjective fields.


Faculty from the National Group Psychotherapy Institute, Washington School of Psychiatry

  • Maryetta Andrews-Sachs, MA, CGP (Chair, National Group Psychotherapy Institute)
  • Mary Dluhy, MSW, CGP, FAGPA
  • MaryAnn Dubner, PhD, CGP
  • Beatrice Liebenberg, MSW, CGP, DFAGPA
  • Hallie Lovett, PhD, CGP
  • Leon Paparella, MSW, CGP
  • Bob Schulte, MSW, CGP
  • Rosemary Segalla, PhD, CGP
  • John Thomas, MSW, CGP
  • Barry Wepman, PhD,CGP