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Conference One

The Growth of the Individual: A View Through the Empathic Lens

Saturday September 17, 2011
Featured Speaker: Frank M. Lachmann, PhD

Conference Two

Affects, Intentions and Goals: A New Look At Motivation

Saturday November 19, 2011
Featured Speaker: Joseph D. Lichtenberg, MD

Conference Three

Engagement and Developmental Enactment

Saturday February 4, 2012
Featured Speaker: Donna Orange, PhD

Conference Four

The Clinical Challenge and How We Meet It: Conceptual Guidelines for What We Say and What We Do

Saturday, April 28, 2012
Featured Speakers: James L. Fosshage, PhD & Judith Guss Teicholz, PhD


Images from the conference:

Pre-conference February 3, 2012

Conference February 4, 2012

Self Psychology and the work of Heinz Kohut stimulated a paradigm shift within psychoanalysis. Moving from drive theory to an experiential model was one of Kohut's many contributions. His impact had its beginnings in his 1959 paper, "Introspection, Empathy and Psychoanalysis" in which he defined empathy as the primary tool of the analyst. His many contributions include selfobject theory and a redefinition of narcissism which created major foment in the field. Because of his willingness to use his clinical experience to develop theory, Kohut set the stage for the emergence of many perspectives that now operate under the umbrella of Self Psychology.

The Self Psychology Institute of ICP&P was created in an effort to provide an in-depth study of recent theoretical and clinical advances that go beyond Kohut's work. The five Institute presenters, Frank Lachmann, Joseph Lichtenberg, Donna Orange, James Fosshage and Judith Guss Teicholz embody these innovations. Each of the speakers has made unique contributions and is on the cutting edge of both psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. They continue to define and advance Self Psychology today.

The SPI is designed to advance participants' knowledge of the theoretical and clinical innovations that reflect the continued growth of Self Psychology. These new and varied approaches, representing today's Self Psychology, will be explored in lectures, panels, case presentations and discussion groups with the goal of creating a variety of theoretical perspectives that can be effectively incorporated into clinical practice.

The SPI will consist of four full-day Saturday conferences. Four pre-conference sessions will be offered.